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Spice site

Hi, all -

   David Lynn told us about  a great spice site- Penzeys, on the web. I
wasn't aware of the web site, but I've received several of their
catalogs, and it's like an encyclopedia of spices, with illustrations in
color and lots of  descriptive information on each spice. The last issue
I received included a story of  nutmeg: where it's grown and how it's
harvested;  spice and herb storage tips; a descriptive paragraph on
ginger, followed by several types; a comparison of cinnamons, followed
by a page and a half of  cinnamon varieties; and two pages of chili
peppers. I haven't bought anything yet, but I read the catalog from
cover to cover because it's so interesting. I've only bought spices in
small quantities from the health food store, and of course Penzeys'
prices will be higher. But it would be a good source for varieties of 
spices or herbs not available in the health food store. 
   Their address is Penzeys, Ltd., P.O. Box 933, Muskego, Wisconsin
53150. David gave us the  web site: http://www.penzeys.com/
Their telephone number is (414) 574-0277 Fax (414) 574-0278.