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Re: help!

>From: "Jackson, Mandy" <mjack@xxxxxxxx>
>we're going to a get-together this weekend so i called the hostess
>yesterday to find out what i could bring.  <stuff deleted>
>i have ibs (irritable bowel syndrome) so i can't have fatty food, spicy
>food, dairy products, etc. so i cringed when she said the soup contains
>two types of meat, two types of cheeses and a bunch of other stuff


I have the same problem, and I feel for you. I would encourage you to eat
something before you go, so you don't feel so hungry. Are you saying that
you aren't supposed to bring a main course? If not, why not bring a salad-y
type dish that could pass for a main course. For example, for my last
potluck, and took a HUGE bowl of rotelle pasta with all sorts of mixed
veggies (carrots, brocolli, red and green peppers, peas, etc) and a ff salad
dressing over it. It was salad, but it could pass as a main course, and it
was filling. (And everyone loved it, which is the important thing, right?)

Good luck! Just remember you are supposed to be having *fun*. =-)