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DE restaurants

Todd Schroeder asked for information about fatfree eating in DE. If
anyone knows of any good restaurants, please share them with me, too,
because I could sure use some help!  Here are the places I have had the
most luck with:  Alyson's (the one on Kirkwood Highway is the
best--302/998-8853) has a huge salad bar including fresh veggies, fruits
and breads. Definitely my vote for where to eat with SAD eaters -- they
can get lots of stuff, too.  The Brickyard (on Main Street in Newark -
302/369-8980) has a sports bar, sit-down restaurant atmosphere, a full
menu with several items claiming to be "lowfat", and a fatfree
crudite-and-steamed-brocolli-with -fatfree-dressing appetizer. The size
and quality varies day to day, so you might start with one and decide
whether to order a second.  Two more Main Street, Nerwark  restaurants
might be worth a phone call to see what they can prepare that is veggy
and fatfree:  The Iron Hill Brewery (302/266-9000) (not cheap) is a brew
pub with an eclectic menu.  Friends  have gotten the chef to saute
veggies in wine and make other modifications to foods on the menu. 
Sinclair's Cafe (302/368-7755) has lots of vegetarian dishes, a decent
house salad (if all else fails), a Friday night vegetarian feast (better
call to check if it's going to take place on any particular Friday and
to find out if fatfree food is available) and a chef who can sometimes
accomodate special requests.  Some (but not all) Chineese restaurants in
the area have steamers and can  steam veggies.  I've had some luck with
Golden Palace in the Shoppes of Red Mill (off Kirkwood Hgwy --
302/456-1100) and Happy Garden (on Elkton Road near the U of D--
302/737-0280).  If you need to ward off starvation while letting younger
relatives let off steam, The Chuck E Cheese's on Silverside Road (off
Concord Pike --302/478-4420) has a decent salad bar and the Discovery
Zone on Kirkwood Highway (302/998-0345) has soft pretzels.  I hope this
helps and that you have a wonderful, healthy visit.  Meryl