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Re: Mediterranean/Greek Dishes

Joanne Stepaniak has written several good vegan cookbooks with
mediterranean/greek recipes- specifically, ones for feta cheese that
could be used in a spinach and non-feta pie.

Beth in Connecticut

On Tue, 18 Nov 1997 09:42:21 PST hadikin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:
>Hello from Nelson, BC.
>I have just joined a International Club where each of 8 members will 
>be the 
>host to a dinner party on a different theme/country.  I have chosen to 
>a Mediterreanean/Greek night.  I am in charge of making the main dish 
>the others will bring the side dishes, desserts, etc on the same 
>Can anyone share their recipes with me or give me some ideas?
>Thanks a million.
>Shirley, Nelson, BC