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Boca Burgers/DDC

Realizing that everyone's taste is different, I'd still like to offer
the following personal experience. I tried making burgers out of Gimme
Lean, and had good success. Was much less fond of other brands,
especially the Morningstar Farms/Worthington. Friends recommended Boca
Burger. I tried "Original Vegan" style. A little expensive (about $4 for
4 patties) but very, very good. Great flavor & texture. Is fat free.

On another matter, does anyone else who uses Dixie Diner Club notice a
consistent taste to the products? I suppose it must be from the
soybeans. I've tried the Meatloaf and Chicken Salad mixes, and noticed
it. Is this trait pretty common from anyone's experience?  I do like
mixing Nuttlettes with Grape Nuts. But I'm learning to expand my
horizons from the soybean/meat analog realm into plain vegetarian

Jed from Wisconsin 
where it should be 20 degrees and snowing but is 40 and clear.