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Re: Boca Burgers/DDC

On Tue, 16 Dec 1997 19:18:04 -0600  jdolnick@xxxxxxxx wrote:
> Friends recommended Boca Burger. I tried "Original Vegan" style. A
> little expensive (about $4 for 4 patties) but very, very good. Great
> flavor & texture. Is fat free.

A year or so ago, I tried the Boca Burgers and didn't like them.  Now
they are my veggie burger of choice.  I've started shopping for foods
that are highest in fiber and lowest in sugar and the Vegan Boca
Burgers are one of the best on that score, with 5 grams of fiber per

Anyone know of a veggie burger on the market with more than 5 grams
fiber per burger?

Michelle Dick             artemis@xxxxxxxxx              East Palo Alto, CA