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wonton wrappers

Just got the most interesting idea from a chef friend.  We were both
helping out at a large party, she did the appetizers.  She showed me how
to press  a wonton wrapper into a little cupcake tin, the small ones.

Bake at 350 degrees for about 7 minutes.  Then fill with chili or
something else "not allowed on this list", add a little block of
mozzarella on top, bake for another minute or two til the cheese melts.
These were adorable and soooo easy.  I bought a small 24 cupcake tin
holder today, I just had the 12 holder one.

Does anyone have any ideas on what to fill them with? the stuff she did
was fine, but I want some kind of veggie thing. Maybe just stir fried
veggies? Cheese and beans?

any suggestions greatly appreciated.