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Re: wonton wrappers

How about stuffing them with some of Ann Miner's Taco Lentils (posted to the list by Julie Finnigan with her modifications)? That would be lots tastier than chili, but a lot of the same flavors!  We fix the Taco Lentils all the time and eat them in pitas and we think they are great!

Or how about stuffing them with FF cheese & mushrooms, like you would a mushroom cap? Or "creamed" spinach? Or make mini-quiches of them?

>>Susan Scatena wrote:
>>Just got the most interesting idea from a chef friend.  We were both helping 
>>out at a large party, she did the appetizers.  She showed me how to press  a 
>>wonton wrapper into a little cupcake tin, the small ones. Bake at 350 degrees 
>>for about 7 minutes.  Then fill with chili or something else ... Does anyone 
>>have any ideas on what to fill them with? the stuff she did was fine, but I want 
>>some kind of veggie thing. Maybe just stir fried veggies? Cheese and beans?
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