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Cheap great heavy duty frying pan

Hello everyone - I live in the New Orleans area.

I purchased a Wearever, 12 inch heavy duty, non-stick, coated & embossed,
heavy Pyrex glass covered, deep aluminum frying pan, from Sam's Wholesale
Club (Walmart affiliated), about 8 months ago, for $22 regular price. This
pan is not Teflon coated, unless it's a new type of Teflon that doesn't come

I visited there recently and they still have the pans in case anyone's
interested. I had been looking for a pan of this type for a long time. All
the others I saw were beyond my budget. The cheapest I saw was at Macy's for
about $60 on sale.

At the same time I also purchased a commercial type 4 quart aluminum pot
with lid for $12.

I don't baby my cookware, and I have been really satisfied, and proud to use

PS: By the way, while I was there I also purchased some great computer books
that originally sold for $20, and with rebate , they ended up costing me
$1.47 (not out dated either).

They were Microsoft Word 97, MS Excel, Windows 95, MS Publisher. They had
and assortment of perhaps 20 different types of computer books. Lots of cook
books there. I always find great quality bargains when I shop there.