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Re: Cookery Books

Hi, Maralyn,

I can answer a few of your questions.  

I have the old, not revised version of "Burgers N Fries N Cinnamon Buns"
by Bobbie Hinman.  It's okay, but not a cookbook I use often.  I hate to
criticize this cookbook though, because my top two favorite cookbooks
are by the same author:  "Lean and Luscious and Meatless" and "The
Meatless Gourmet."  Both are by Bobbie Hinman and I get lots of use out
of these.  Lean and Luscious is lowfat but not very low fat, but the
recipes are easily adaptable.  Same with The Meatless Gourmet.

To me, the biggest difference between McDougall and Ornish is that
Ornish allows skim milk and egg whites, and McDougall is totally vegan.
(No animal products at all.)

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