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DD Creme It

Hi everyone!

Okay so I went a little overboard with my first Dixie Diner order, and now
I have a bag of Creme It (thank goodness I didn't order the big tub!), and
I have no idea what to do with it!  I would like to find a good use for it,
since it has so much soy protein in it, but I don't really make a lot of
smoothies/shakes, or gravy, etc.  Can I blend some up and use it in place
of milk (i.e. for cereal, etc), or does it have to be mixed in with stuff
in recipes?  

Also, does anyone have any cool uses for the "Mrs. Malibu" lowfat peanut
butter?  I store mine in the fridge like it says to, but the consistency is
too gummy to use as a spread for bagels/sandwiches/etc.



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