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clay pot cooking

I am responding to the clay pot cooker. I use stonewear alot 
and love it. I believe it is the same. I make pizzas on the 
flat stone I have and I make lots of pies. You can almost put 
anything in them. They are so good b/c they keep from letting 
your food burn if you leave it in to long. I love cassoles 
(suprise dishes of everything in the house) and they bake 
wonders in stone or clay. I really just throw in leftovers or 
cans of vegies with cheese or corn bread and it always comes 
out great. I am bad with timing and forgeting my food, that is 
why I love them so much. I have never burnt anything with them. 
I recommend these in every household. Just expriement with it, 
you can't go wrong.