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Re: Mashed pots

Jan wrote:
>I love mashed potatoes, but I am committed to vlf. So I have made them with
>veggie broth instead of butter.  I was surprised at how good they tasted. I
>also added a little garlic powder as well. 

I peel garlic cloves (about 8-10) and throw them in the cooking water
for the potatoes and then mash them all together.  If you don't object
to dairy products, about 1/4c or so FF cream cheese adds a bit of
smoothness (my family has 2 camps - the "lumpy" mashed pots lovers
and the "smooth" mashed pots lovers).  Ideally you would roast the
garlic instead of boiling it (it WILL have better flavor roasted) but this
is so much easier.