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Re: Creme It

>Okay so I went a little overboard with my first Dixie Diner order, and now
>I have a bag of Creme It (thank goodness I didn't order the big tub!), and
>I have no idea what to do with it!  I would like to find a good use for it,
>since it has so much soy protein in it, but I don't really make a lot of
>smoothies/shakes, or gravy, etc.  Can I blend some up and use it in place
>of milk (i.e. for cereal, etc), or does it have to be mixed in with stuff
>in recipes?  


I always add some Creme It to cooked cereal to give it a soy protein boost.
When I make hot cocoa for myself I mix Creme It and an instant cocoa mix. 
It takes a bit more mixing and I usually need a whisk, but it eventually 
gets smoothe (add a touch of instant coffee granules for a quick mocha 
drink and a maybe sprinkle of cinnamon or a touch of vanilla).

I add 1/4 cup to my ABM bread recipes and a tablespoon or two to other baked 
goods like muffins, quick breads, etc. and to pancakes/waffles.  A little
extra water or other liquid may be required -- with ABM bread I need several
tablespoons of water.

If you use it as a milk sub you may want to add a touch of vanilla -- I *love*
LF vanilla soy milk on my cereal, but have never tried Creme It that way. 
Now that I think of it, it seems like a very good idea, thanks to your
(just my mid-life brain not making the usual connection, I guess %^). 

You can also add it to coffee as a cream sub, but frankly I prefer non-fat dry
milk; it blends better.