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creme it


I bought a whole tub of creme it!.  I thought I would never use is but guess
what...It is almost gone...I throw it in everything.  any casserole or sauce
that you think it might hide well in.. Just don't put in too much or it will
 give it that "soy" taste.  You can us it as a milk substitute...Just follow
the directions on the jar.. I think it is 1 -1/2 T. per 8 ounces.  I don't
like it straight but use it whenever a recipie calls for milk...I have a
teenage daughter who does not get enuf protein so it helps..If you are
getting sick of Tomatoey sauces for pasta you can use the creme it to make a
nice white sauce to toss along with veggies etc. I like to throw in wierd
stuff like green olives  (just a touch for the taste) or the imfamous

Good luck,