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we're going to a get-together this weekend so i called the hostess 
yesterday to find out what i could bring.  it will be about 14 of us so i 
suggested having a potluck to save her time.  she said that other people 
don't like to cook or bake as much as i do (i'm changing my license plate 
to bty crkr (betty crocker)) and that she already decided what to make.  
i have ibs (irritable bowel syndrome) so i can't have fatty food, spicy 
food, dairy products, etc. so i cringed when she said the soup contains 
two types of meat, two types of cheeses and a bunch of other stuff.  i 
thought that was bad enough until she said dessert was viennetta ice 
cream, very "rich and creamy".  made my tummy hurt just thinking about 
it!  what do i do?  my husband said i should have told her that i get 
sick eating that type of food but i didn't want to have her change the 
menu all because of me.  she did ask me to bring an appetizer so i'm 
making something very healthy and i'm thinking about bring ff pumpkin 
bread for dessert but what about the main course?  tia for any 
suggestions on what i can do.