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fatfree pesto-#144

I also grow basil.  I was told by my husband's grandmother (born in Italy)
not to cut the herb with sizzor, but to pinch in off with your fingers.
There are different types of basil, stem or hanging, and basil is wonderful
dried.  Snap off longer, older stems and wrap with string and just hang or
lay on a cookie sheet in oven.  After a few days it is dried out ready to be
stored in a zip lock bag for future use.   Roll the dried herb in the palm
of your hand to release flavors.  Fresh is always better though!  I have
tried this receipe and it is wonderful!

Fatfree Pesto Sauce

3 Cups loosely packed fresh basil
1 Cup vegetable stock
3 garlic cloves
1/2 Cup fresh fatfree parmesan cheese

Put all in blender or food processor except the cheese.  Process until
smooth.  Pour sauce in small bowl, then add the cheese.  Mix.  Makes about 1
cup of sauce and can be frozen for later.  Do not add cheese if freezing!
Add cheese after defrosted.