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Kitchen waste?

Several days ago, I read an article complaining of the wasted
food that Americans and Westerners dispose. It seems that
this waste could easily feed millions of starving people
all over the World.

Since there are only two of us now that our daughter is
grown and married, I think we end up eating food that
is borderline in order to try not to throw it out.

Have any of you tried using those home vacuum devices
that are supposed to protect and store food? You know,
the ones that are advertised on infomercials. I am
a sap for infomercials--particularly the kitchen ones.

I tend to want to buy anything they are demonstrating.
I know it's a weakness I have. I find kitchen infomercials
absolutely intoxicating.

If any of you have those devices, please let me know if
you are satisfied with them. They tend to be expensive,
costing almost 200 dollars. Some use plastic sealing
bags, others use bottles and plastic re-sealing jars.

Do they Work? Would your recommend them?


Mike Rosenblatt