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RE: Would you all please share your recipes?

From: LYNN D MANCUSO <ldm01@xxxxxxxxx> 
Who is looking for healthy snack ideas. I've been following the Weight
Loss Wednesdays on TFVN Recipe for Health, and they talk about snacking;
also a nutritionist was on last night discussng healthy snacking. Here are
some ideas.  So far, both nutritionists advise combining food groups in
your snacks so that you fill up and your blood sugar doesn't rise too
fast. Since I've started doing this, I feel much better, but it's up to

Here's what works for me.

1/2 toasted english muffin with crumbled tofu, a bit of cane syrup, and
ripe peaches, unpeeled and diced.

1 slice whole wheat toast spread with apple butter, served with a glass of
chocolate silk and 

Smoothie made from raw oatmeal, soy yogurt, soy milk, and a banana-add a
splash of vanilla or almond extract. You can also add powdered
dutch-process cocoa to give it a chocolate flavor. (You can use dairy
yogurt and skim milk.) Whip up in a blender with or without ice to desired
consistency. This is really filling and also makes a good, quick

Open-face boca burger sandwich topped with lettuce/spinach and tomato or
salsa on whole-grain bread 

Wasa or other whole-grain, high-fiber cracker with ff cheese and grapes
(I use ff soya kaas jalapeno cheese)

Homemade or storebought baked tortilla chips with melted ff cheese, topped
with salsa  (you can take bottled salsa and mix it with pears, mangoes, or
papayas if you want fruit with your snack)

Give these a try.  Hope it helps.