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Losing the last 20 lbs.

Lynn asked about getting started on losing that 20 lbs.  I cant agree with Lori
more who said:

<<You know theres nothing wrong with an occational snack. Im a Fitness
Instructor and if you really want to loose the last 20 pounds I suggest an
exercise program. That way you'll be burning fat and able to eat more
confortably and normal.>>

I know many of us on the list exercise vigorously and regularly, but this is the
part of a healthy lifestyle (ie. not a diet) that most people lack or overlook.   So
Lynn, check out the archives and read the list for meal ideas and watch your
portion size.   And remembers snacks are one thing, but cookies, ff brownies, ff
desserts should be dealt with as "treats" not something you have everyday. 
Regardless if there is little or no fat, there is lots of sugar and chemicals used
to make up for that oh so wonderful tasting fat.  If you want to talk more about
structuring a diet or a fitness plan, please feel free to email me privately at
skidd@xxxxxxxxxxxx  Good luck.