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Vegetarian side-effects

While those of you who are mentioning flatulence do not indicate how how
long you have been vegetarians, I think the length of time involved is a
consideration.  The SAD doesn't so much digest inside us so much as it rots
us from the inside out. The vegetarian diet has cleansing aspects.

Any substituion for fresh food over provessed food will do this.  Even such
a simple switch from fresh vegetables from frozen seems to have the same

As your system becomes accustomed to the new foods, this problem will
gradually diminish.  Many vegetarians cook their beans with a piece of
kombu in the cooking water to decreade this effect. Also, several changes
of soaking water and slow cooking (as in a crock pot) rather than quick
cooking (as in a pressure cooker or boiling) also have a positive effect.

Gloriamarie     gma@xxxxxxxx
In La Mesa, CA, 1 town east of San Diego where I last saw variety in the
perfect weather on June 13th when it rained.