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sour cream/capsicum/casseroles

You can make a sour cream or a mayonaise from silken tofu.  I suggest the
MoriNu low fat, comes in the asceptic package, no refrigeration required.
Just blend it with lemon juice and perhaps a little mustard, water if
necessary to the right consistency.  Granted, it won't fool your SAD
relatives and friends, but it is a nice topping.  You can season it however
you like, add chopped chives or dill for example.

Capsicum is what our British friends call peppers, hot or mild.  They call
zuchinni "marrow" and eggplant is "aubergine".

I've been making variations on the McDougal recipe for "layered dinner" aka
vegetable casserole.  Here is the most recent, decide on how large a
casserole you want to use then fill it up, quantities are up to you:

give a casserole die a quick spray with vegetable oil

line bottom with thinly sliced potatoes
cover with slices or fresh summer tomatoes
one more layer of potatoes
a layer of roughly chopped summer squash, I used patty pan, zuchinni would
be just as fine.
a layer of roughly chopped onion and chopped tomatoes on the top.

In between here and there add salt and black pepper to taste and a
sprinkling of your favorite herbs.
Cover and bake for about at 350 farenheit for an hour, give or take
depending on size.
This goes well with a grain pilaf.

Oh, I had a cup of cooked garbanzo beans left over, I tossed them in as well.

Jan Gordon