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Re: Jicama


I am the one who requested the jicama recipes, so I know what most of them
were.  Basically they all involved peeling and cutting the jicama into
matchsticks or larger, serving with dip or sprinkling it liberally with lime
juice and then with some sort of spice (seasoned salt, chili powder, etc.).
 What I like best is a really spicy seasoning mixture called Bayou Blast (you
can get the recipe for it at www.foodtv.com under Emeril Lagassi's section or
I can send it to you, if you like).  I also sent away for recipes from a
company which distributes jicama but haven't received them yet.  If anyone
else wants to get them, too, send a SASE and the name of the store where you
see (Melissa's brand) jicama to:  World Variety Produce, Inc., P.O. Box
21127, Los Angeles, CA 90021