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food in Colorado/vegan sour cream/fondue

One of my favorite parts of this list is people sharing restaurants and food
resources in their area.  Now it's my time to ask!  I'm going to Colorado at
the end of the summer.  I'll be staying with friends in Frisco and Denver and
would appreciate recommendations for restaurants and especially for health
food stores as we'll be hiking and will need to pick up some provisions.  (If
you have any recommendations of things to do/places to go, by all means email
me privately!)

Someone was asking about sour cream from soy milk.  I have a recipe using
tofu, lemon juice and one other ingredient which I've forgotten...  I'll
bring the recipe from home tomorrow.

Also, someone was asking about fondue recipes.  One of my favorite recipes
off this list has been "Cheezee" using nutritional yeast, which would
probably make great fondue (I've used it on potatoes, macaroni, nachoes...).
 I'll try to remember to bring that, too.  Or it might be in the archives.


p.s. Katja: thanks for the roll recipe.  I can't wait to try it!