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French Toast

For those who are on the 5 Day Miracle Diet and cannot have bananas (the
main ingredient in most vegetarian French Toast recipes this one should
be of interest.
PAN PERDUE (Lost Bread)
"Good Time Eatin' in Cajun Country - Cajun Vegetarian Cooking" by Donna
2 1/2 C. soymilk
1/2 C.   nutritional yeast flakes
 1 tsp.  salt
 1/2 C.  Whole wheat pastry flour
 6 Tbl   arrowroot powder
 2 Tbl   honey
1/4 tsp. vanilla
 1 large stale sweet french bread sliced 1/2 inch thick

Mix together all of the ingredients except the bread. Dip the bread in
the mixture, and soak for a few seconds. Pan fry in a hot, o*led
(sprayed) skillet until golden on both sides. Serve with molasses or
honey. We always used to use Stein's Syrup which is a lot like molasses
only not as strong.
Serves 4
(According to the author: This what I grew up thinking was French toast.
In Louisiana there is always an abundance of French bread, and when it
gets stale there isn't much you can do with it. This is why it was
called lost bread. If it wasn't used sonehow it would be lost. MaMa
prepared Pan Perdue often.)

This is very good as a substitute for the "real thing". The fat content
is controlled by you. Broiling might be an alternative.