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Re: Freezing foods.

Wendy wants to know how to freeze foods successfully.  My personal
favorite is wide mouth glass canning jars.  I have never experienced
freezer burn with these, and I just do not trust plastic.  I don't even
microwave in plastic if ceramic or glass is possible.

I have a canning funnel to use with filling the jars.  I do not put the
lid on tight until the contents have frozen.  I have broken jars when I
wasn't careful.  The liquid expands when frozen.

Pint or pint-and-a-half wide mouth have been the most successful.  Owing
to the shape, food will come out more easily when it is not completely
thawed, and I've never had one break (yet) from freezing expansion. I have
had the quart size break, but rarely.

Ann in scenic Northwestern Pennsylvania