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Re: Fried Green Tomatoes

Funnily, two days ago i came across three versions of a recipe for Fried 
Green Tomatoes which i had cut out of a newspaper last year.  I haven't 
tried any of these yet and they may have to be modified (i already have 
taken out the `heavy whipping cream' which was in the second recipe)  The 
first recipe was just too much - milk, eggs, flour, oil for frying, 
etcetera. The third recipe was very similar to Joanne's, excepting -
   - "For extra flavour, mix celery salt/ garlic/ chives/ or pepper 
      into the flour before coating." 

Here is number two (not Vegan but again could be modified): 

Ingredients: 3 medium sized firm green tomatoes, 1 egg (or equiv. sub), 2 
teasp lite whipping cream, 70ml vegetable juice, dash of hot sauce 
(Tabasco used in given recipe), half cup fresh breadcrumbs, pinch of 
AllSpice, butter/substitute/frying medium, 1 tbls chopped chives, celery 

Method: cut tomatoes crosswise into thick slices. beat egg with 
litecream, tabasco, and V8 juice. Combine breadcrumbs and spices in 
another bowl. Melt half the `butter' in a skillet
over medium heat (this may work with spray-on oil too). Dip tomato slices 
into liquid mixture then into breadcrumb mixture. Cook both sides until 
golden - around 4 minutes. 
Chives can be spinkled on top or added to the liquid ingredients.

I think this would be nice with Eggplants too.

- Jacqi