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Re: I want to turn vegan

Congratulations on your wishes to adopt a vegan lifestyle. However, you
must be willing to take complete responsibility for your own meals, and,
importantly, your nutrition. It does little on a philosophical level to 
spare animals of stolen products by increasing the load on your mother by
demanding that she prepare special meals for you.
If it is not feasible for you at this time, adopt a "mostly vegan"
lifestyle until you have your own kitchen. And good luck!


Cynthia Barnes      cbarnes@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx         

On Fri, 25 Jul 1997 MelpyLewis@xxxxxxx wrote:

> I've wanted to turn vegan for a while now, but I don't think my mom would go
> for that.  I'm fifteen, and I've been a veggie for 2 years now.  What could I
> do to make it easier to be vegan.  I wouldn't be able to eat out would I?
>  Maybe if we went to vegetarian restruants with vegan meals (but I've never
> been to one).  Is there anything we could replace eggs and milk with (I've
> heard of soy and rice milk)  Do they cost more than regular foods?  Thanks
> Mary