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Hickory Smoking without a Smoker

I have a smoker but have ever smoked things without one
You can use a wok or large pot with tight lid to smoke if
you do it carefully.  DO NOT USE A NON STICK PAN.  This can
be done on the stove or outside on a barbeque.

Place the stuff to  be smoked on a rack.
Place about a heaping tablespoon of hickory wood chips in the bottom.
(Hickory wood chips can be obtained from hunting and fishing 

The idea behind this is to heat the pan just enough to burn the chips
then let the stuff to be smoked sit in the smoke.  It may take some
fooling around to get the timing right.

Heat the pan until the wood starts to smoke.  Take it off the heat
and leave the lid closed.... NO YOU CANNOT PEAK.  After an hour or so
remove the lid.  If the wood is not completely burned you can repeat
the process.  When the food is smoked enough (usually one or two 
smokings) remove and enjoy.

Things to smoke:
Marinated Tofu
Marinated sliced frozen Tofu
Cheese (be sure it is in a dish in case it melts)
Onions (THESE ARE GREAT - see next post)
TVP (place in a cheesecloth bag)
Garbanzo bean snacks

Patties made from TVP

Smoked tvp with a little salt makes a snack

Post your ideas about what is smoked.

Good luck
Barb (Smoking Granny) Beck
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada