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Hypoglycemia & LF diet

I was diagnosed hypoglycemic ealier this year, and I followed a low carb
diet for a while... but just couldn't continue to eat low carb & high fat
so I stopped and resumed my LF eating habits... but now, all that high
carb, LF/FF food  constantly sends me into a state of euphoria...
whooziness & giddiness in the head... sometimes I even feel like
fainting....  I can't even eat fruit or bread or cereal for breakfast,
without losing my concentration at lectures in school now... some days it
get so bad I even throw up... I don't have time to get up early and whip a
salad or high protein breakfast, it's always "grab & go" for me... so, I'm
asking for ideas from you guys....

I didn't dare to eat breakfast at all today, coz I had an important
tutorial... so I didn't get to eat until 1pm, and by the time I ate
lunch... which was a sandwich, I was weak in the knees for the next few

Must I really go back to a low carb, high fat, loads of m**t diet?? sigh...

All help would be greatly appreciated... thanks in advance.