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Re: McDougall and processed foods

Hi Sheri,

When we chew our unprocessed foods, we don't grind each particle into fine
powder (the way a flour mill does) before we swallow.  (You could test this
out easily, but it would be a little gross ;-)

Even worse, white flours (and I suspect some wholemeals) get filtered to
remove large particles and bran.  So you're just not getting the same food!

Hope this helps.

>Date: Tue, 29 Jul 1997 23:21:39 -0600
>From: Sheri Slattery <slattery@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
>Subject: Whole grains vs. stone-ground grains
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>I hope someone can answer this question for me.  According to the
>MacDougall Program for Maximum Weight Loss, one should eat as many whole
>grains as possible and avoid ground/processed grains.  The rationale is
>that it takes more energy for your body to process the whole grains. 
>I'm confused.  If we chew the grains in our mouths, doesn't it end up
>the same consistency by the time it reaches the digestive tract?  Just