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veggie burgers

<<It's summertime ...does anyone have TASTY recipes for FATFREE Veggie Burgers?
I've tried the commercial kind...and they don't taste like or have the texture
of regular burgers.>>


    I've been "taste testing" a new veggie (soy) burger that should be out
on the market fairly soon which definitely has the texture and at least
VERY nearly the taste of "regular burgers" ... tastes grilled even, using
naturally occuring flavors.  I'll be more than happy to tell everyone when
they're available.  I  don't know the name or anything else yet so any
further questions can't be answered at this time.  I have nothing to do
with the company, btw, except delight that the product is so good and
burger-like .. so much so that I couldn't tell the difference.  I eagerly
await their availability.