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Easy crockpot Black beans & Rice

I took a package of the Hurst's Hambeens Spanish*American Black Bean Soup
and totally disregarded the instructions other then soaking the beans. (I
did a quick soak, where I brought the beans to a hard boil, turned off the
heat, covered and allowed to sit for 1 hour, drain all that liquid off.)  I
put the seasoning packet and the beans w/ 8 cups of water in a crock pot on
high for 1 hour, then on low till the beans were tender. At the point the
beans are nearly ready to whatever state of tender you desire, I added a
packet of Mahatma Saffron Yellow seasonings & long grain Rice. (I'm not
giving times here because crockpots vary in how hot they cook.) I stirred
that in good with the beans, continued to crockpot it on low till the rice
was ready.  Seriously, black beans are not our favorite, but this is
delicious.  That was absolutely all I added...the black bean soup mix w/
it's seasoning packet and the Saffron yellow rice w/ seasonings.
I strongly recommend this....it was yummy.
Nancy Allen