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Boston & Business Lunches

     Aiko mentioned several great restaurants here in Boston, and I just 
     wanted to add a couple of veg friendly places in the Copley Square 
     -  Small Planet on Boylston directly across from Trinity Church
     -  Cottonwood Cafe (corner of Boylston and Berkeley on Berkeley) 
     although I admit that their Cambridge site is much better
     -  Bibas (also on Boston near the Four Seasons across from the Common) 
     is pricey and known for their meat - but they do a great job for us 
     veggies when asked (gone to many business meals there)
     In general, I find Boston to be a relatively veg friendly place.
     With regards to business lunches, I don't have much of a problem.  
     Certainly any When-Harry-Met-Sally style of waiter interrogation can 
     be disruptive!  I do agree that you should call ahead for recipe 
     specific information.  If I don't like what's on the menu, I just ask 
     the waiter to suggest something veggie - no one has ever offered me 
     only a salad.  My companions always ask why I am a veg and I tell them 
     that I do not like the taste of meat, poultry etc.  Can't argue with 
     that, and it doesn't put anyone on the defensive.  Sometimes I repeat 
     a joke I heard and say that it is not because I like animals so much, 
     I just hate those darn vegetables.  By the way, it seems that when we 
     order food for a lunch time meeting, the veggie options are always the 
     first to be chosen!