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Unidentified subject!

In response to Mike's comments on business dinners:

I think it is generally unnecessary to go to such lengths although it is each
individuals choice of course.  I am from NZ where fatfree options on menu's are
rare, and vlf diets are even more "weird" but can generally eat something,
often several entrees put together, or some fresh bread with salad is ok, it's
not like it is every night.  I have recently spent 10 days in the UK on
business, the best thing is to order vegan meals on teh plane (even if you are
not) because they are more likely to be low fat.  Of course also, you can't
take alot of food through customs.  I had also heard that the UK is very high
fat but had no problems.  Business dinners tend to be in "better" restaurants
anyway where they are more helpful.  Ask for extra bread, and leave the sauces
off in the usual way.

>Conversation at
>the business dinner usually revolves around your
>"weird" dietary choices, rather than getting the
>accounts you came for, or advertising your
>employer's business. 
used to be a problem, but i don't draw any attention with the way I do things
now.  It is quite acceptable to say that heavy meals give you indigestion....
or similar lines!

My family and the people who bore the brunt of the start of my vlf lifestyle
changes a year or 2 ago are the only ones who comment these days.  I also find
that peoples comments make me uncomfortable so would rather stray (by a very
small amount) than ruin my enjoyment of the night out.