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RE: Fresh Grape Leaves

> Marie,
> Yes you can use fresh grape leaves.  It is best to use the younger,
> less
> leathery ones.  I have found that LIGHTLY blanching them in lemon or
> absorbic acid and water works best to get the same taste as the store
> bought leaves or you could add extra lemon to the stuffing mixture.  
> When you blanch them, get the water boiling and plunge the leaves in
> for
> less than a minute.  You only want them soft and pliable not cooked.
> You can also do this in the microwave in a covered dish with a touch
> of
> water in it.
> I actually preserve my own leaves so that I have a year 'round supply.
> It is soooooo easy, I don't see how they can get away with charging so
> much for them in the store.  If you want the instructions, I can send
> them to you.
> Good luck and happy eating!
> Shona
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