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Modified Deviled Spread <T>

The Deviled Spread recipe that was posted a week or so ago 
sounded delicious, so I made up a batch. A friend loved it, but I 
found it a little too sweet and not enough "deviled" for my taste,
so I added a cup of cooked lentils and more mustard and found it was
much improved. Since then I've experimented and come up with this 
modification. If you don't like garlic, don't use ANY in yours, as it 
seems to build in intensity after being refrigerated overnight.

Deviled Spread (Modified) <T>

1 15 oz can Kidney Beans, rinsed and drained
1 15 oz can Garbanzo Beans,  "    "     "
1/4 C fat free mayonnaise
2 T sweet pickle relish
2 T Dijon mustard
2 cloves garlic, finely chopped
1/4 C onion, finely chopped
fresh ground black pepper (or hot sauce) to taste 
optional taste and aroma enhancement - 1/4 t liquid smoke

With fork or electronics, mash beans to not-quite-smooth consistency.
Add all other ingredients, blend in. Ready to eat at once, but 
flavors blend and intensify after refrigeration. 

Nutritiona analysis: 11 percent of calories from fat, 21 from 
protein, 68 from carbs.

Depending on the brand of beans, sodium can get as high as
330 mg for a serving size of about 5 ounces. Using home cooked
beans or no-salt-added canned beans would bring it down to a
negligible sodium content. Sugar = about 7 grams per serving. 

Makes five  5 oz/140 g servings 

Serve as dip, as a sandwich filling or on cooked vegetables.
Neal Pincknmey <> Healing Heart Foundation <> Makaha, Hawaii <> AH6HM