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Lynn said:
> Hi:  I'm really trying to cut down on my fat and calorie intake.
> I still drink good old fashioned milk and I have cut down to 1 %.
> I guess thats not enough of a cut down because I love my milk!  I usually
> drink 24 ounces a day.  
> I've heard of goats milk, I was wondering if anyone has put tofu in a
> blender and used that for milk?  Or is there soybean milk?

Please try soymilk!  It's wonderful!  There are many different kinds at
HF stores; even some regular stores carry it.  My favorite is Westsoy
Non-Fat Vanilla.  I use it on my cereal.  Just a suggestion, but if
you're trying to cut down on calories, why not drink water or herbal
iced tea?  Even non-fat soymilk contains 80 calories a glassful.  Keep
trying different soy milks, rice milks, oat milks until you find one you
like.  BTW, 1% dairy milk is NOT 1% fat; it's more.  Hope this helps!