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thanks for recipes!

Dear fatfree,
I've made some great recipes lately, and would like to thank the
contributers for the following:

Gimmelean meat loaf (I made it with Yves 'just like ground', and it turned
out fine.)
Apple crumble
Philly cheese pizza pita sandwiches (wow!  Just delicious!)
Spicy Potatoes (I used the mustard/tarragon paste and used it to grill some
pattypans I had.  I'm sure it will be great with the spuds too.)

A couple of questions:

Chipotles seem to be unheard of around here, so it was nice to see the
recipe for them.  Does anyone think that grilling jalapenos in foil with
liquid smoke will suffice?

Also, I've seen a couple of recipes calling for corn on the cob that has
been cut cross-ways into chunks, then grilled.  Forgive my ignorance, but
do you still eat around the cob like this, or does the whole chunk become
soft enough to eat?  One recipe I have calls for baby potatoes with these
'corn-chunk' things, but I haven't made it in case it calls for fussing
with a knife to cut the kernals off after the meal is served.  I can see
potatoes, corn, parmesan, etc. flying everywhere....

Thanks for the help!


Sharon M.  BSc(Hons)Ost, MRO MGO
Reg'd Osteopath