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What other kinds of milk are there?

Hi Lynn (and everyone else),

Probably your best bet is old fashioned skim milk - where all the fat has
been skimmed off!  It has minimal fat and heaps fewer calories.

Milk is usually high in fat because baby mammals need it and the calories
it provides for their rapid growth. It looks white because of the
emulsified fats (and proteins) it contains, whereas skim milk looks bluish
becuase the fat has been removed. Many vegan alternatives such as soy milk
or almond milk are also high in fat.

If you find skim milk too thin, try blending 1/4 cup of powdered skim milk
per cup of fresh skim milk - it makes it very creamy,  doesn't add a lot of
fat and really increases the amount of calcium.

This is the way many fat free dairy foods are made.  (Remember to include
the extra calories/fat etc in your calculations!)

Burnaby BC