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chipotles and meatloaf

How exciting! A recipe for chipotles!  BUT, does anyone have any idea how I
might be able to make them without a smoker (guess I didn't even realize that
smokers existed as a kitchen appliance!).  Canning the jalapenos is also a
good idea.  Here's hoping my hot pepper plants are a success.

I also wanted to say that I finally tried the TVP meatloaf last weekend,
along with a recently posted recipe for barbeque sauce (sorry I don't
remember who posted them off hand...).  Both were excellent!  We had a
cookout this weekend and used the barbeque sauce for our veggie burgers, tofu
pups, and tofu.  And yesterday I had room-temperature meatloaf with some of
the sauce in pita bread for lunch.  Yummy!