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Tortilla/Taco Shell (bowl) pan

<<"Tocal Taco Tool - Tortilla maker that uses 1/4 cup of fat free oil">>

This reminded me to tell you about something I just found this week and
LOVE.  I am hopelessly addicted to kitchen gadgets (yes, I know they're not
necessary but I have great fun with them) and always look at what's
available.  The other day I found something I'd never seen before, bought
it and it's perfect for FF eaters.

It's a set of 2 non-stick (brioche-like) pans, available in 2 sizes, shaped
and sized perfectly to make tortilla bowl-shaped shells .. complete with
wavy sides like in a restaurant.  The sizes are for 6" snack-size flour
tortillas (for under $8./2 pans), and one for 9" flour tortillas (under
$9./2 pans).  I had recently been eyeing packages of these shells
commercially available but they are, of course, fried .. and very
expensive.  These bake FF in 7-10 minutes, then cool for 5+.  I bought both
sizes (okay, so I collect pans ;)) but one size would work for most sizes
of tortillas .. just depends on which diameter of "bottom" you prefer.

They can be made ahead and kept fresh in a plastic bag.  I've been enjoying
them with FF refried beans, Spanish rice, chiles, salsa and a bit of ff
cheese (quick cuz I make enough for leftovers).  Feels so decadent to eat
from this thing, for some reason ... really love it.  It also works for me
as a chip and dip dish because you can eat the bowl and it limits the
amount of chips I would otherwise eat.  After the first time finding how
delicious the bottom with beans on it is, I now spread the beans up the
sides, too, so that after I've eaten the filling, eating the bowl is a
wonderful treat, too.

I found them at Fedco in Los Angeles on La Cienega in the kitchen gadgets
area.  The co. is Chicago Metallic, 800 Ela Road, Lake Zurich, IL

This idea should also work with a bowl-shaped jello mold or brioche pan ..
even nesting a second pan with the tortilla in between to keep the shape
(bake at 375 7-10 min.) .. or even just draping the tortilla over an upside
down bowl :). Can do that in the microwave very quickly, actually.  I just
love the perfection of the fit and wavy shape of these pans but they are
certainly not necessary to make baked tortilla shells.