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Tortilla/Taco Shell (bowl) pan

Yes, I have these as well, in both sizes.  I just love them!  I like to use
them with company, allowing folks to put in whatever, usually starting with
chili, then lettuces, cut up veggies, topped with choice of salsa -- fun!
And very quick with leftover or canned or slowcooked ff chili.


Katja writes in part:

>Return-Path: <fatfree-nd-request@xxxxxxxxxxx>
>X-From_: music_class@xxxxxxxxxxxxx Sun Mar 30 17:30:48 1997
>This reminded me to tell you about something I just found this week and
>LOVE.  I am hopelessly addicted to kitchen gadgets (yes, I know they're not
>necessary but I have great fun with them) and always look at what's
>available.  The other day I found something I'd never seen before, bought
>it and it's perfect for FF eaters.
>It's a set of 2 non-stick (brioche-like) pans, available in 2 sizes, shaped
>and sized perfectly to make tortilla bowl-shaped shells .. complete with
>wavy sides like in a restaurant.  The sizes are for 6" snack-size flour
>tortillas (for under $8./2 pans), and one for 9" flour tortillas (under
>$9./2 pans).