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SAD manners, mini-wheats

In a message dated 97-03-30 06:18:45 EST, you write:

<< I think a more reasonable thing to do is just bring your own food. One can
 be delicate about this, and not make it too obvious. I just say that I have
 a couple of things to "put in their microwave or oven" and I will eat a
 single leaf of the dry lettuce they serve to me for dinner, even though I
 hate it.
 Lots of us VLF people just eat dinner before we "go out for dinner." We go
 only for the social experience and enjoy it, but just don't eat at those
 greasy, heart-attack producing restaurants like our friends. 

I agree--it's just easier to bring something if you know you are going
somewhere SAD.. we often eat before to take the edge off and avoid
temptation. sometimes it just takes a while to let people know you are
serious--and consistent.  my mother used to ignore our changes, now she
really makes an effort to find things we can eat.  but even the well
intentioned misread lables or otherwise "don't get it."

  we brought a "mini-feijoida" to a semi-SAD potluck (ironically, the hosts
made chicken even though they are normally veg, since the didn't want to
offend anyone) and it was a big hit.  the mini-feijoida was siimply a drained
black bean spicy stew,  steamed shredded collard w/onion, and brown rice
 arranged in a large lasagna type pan (but not in layers, side by side),
garnished with hot salsa and cut up orange.  when we host dinner parties we
often make a more elaborate version of the same, adding pickled  onions
(onion, lemon, hot pepper)  and veggie sausage.  that with a salad is usually
a nice meal.   

ps--arrowhead mills makes what appears to be a lowfat (no added fat) frosted,
mini shredded wheat....  at Whole Foods Markets (fresh fields)