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Re: going vegetarian

On Thu, 23 Oct 1997, Martha Anandakrishnan wrote:

> Yesterday I had a long conversation with a Lutheran minister and over lunch
> he mentioned that he was interested in becoming a vegetarian, and asked me
> to send him the titles of some books that would get him started. He is
> interested in doing this mostly for ethical reasons, but I think he would
> like some basic nutritional info too.  Does anyone have any recommendations
> for good books for such a person?  He is not online, so the web is out.
> Please email me privately if you consider this off-topic.

One very good book, with lots of useful nutritional info, but not too 
preachy (although a pastor might not mind that :) ) is _The Vegetarian 
Way_ by Mark and Virginia Messina.  He might be able to find it at his 
local library.

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