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Re: Home-made Yogurt

Karen Lim wrote:
> Does anyone make their own yogurt at home?? My grandma loves yogurt, but
> she's reactive to sugars so I don't want to get her the commercial
> types...Dannon is imported so it's REALLY expensive here... I would love to
> make yogurt for her, and then use artificial sweeteners or fresh fruit to
> sweeten... but have no idea how to go about doing it... any suggestions??
> The yogurt machines I've seen in the stores are expensive and I've no idea
> if they work well so I dun want to make a huge investment & then regret
> later...
> She's not a vegan but is going towards vegetarianism....
> Thanks in advance..
> Karen
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> Karen Lim
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I use a Donvier yogurt maker.  It's old so it doesn't have a timer or
anything like the new ones.  It makes great yogurt and it keeps a long
time in te fridge.  I know you can do it in the oven by just heating up
the milk and then baking on low heat for a good while but I don't have
an exact recipe.