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I have a request to make concerning Stevia.  When I first learned about
this herb from the list weeks and weeks ago, Iheaded out to my HFS to check
it out.  Faced with an option of powdered form or liquid form, I opted for
the cheaper powdered version, rationalizing that if I didn't like it, it
would be no great loss.  Well, my intention was to use it to sweeten hot
drinks, only I learned too late that it doesn't dissolve!  Not very
appetizing, I then decided to try it in baking, only found it horribly
bitter.  Now I'm left with a spice jar full of Stevia which I can't bear to
throw out, and I'm at a loss at what to do with it .  I have checked out
the Stevia website, but the recipes seem to call for the liquid form, and
don't look all that fatfree, so I'm not interested at the moment.  I would
greatly appreciate any ideas offered on cooking with this herb in powdered

I look forward to the list every day, and offer my thanks to all who
contribute their many recipes and ideas.  I recently followed the
suggestion to freeze fresh tomatoes then run them under warm water as a
quick way to remove the skin.  It worked wonderfully, and I didn't have to
worry about the tomatoes spoiling in the fridge until I was ready to use
them.  Thanks to the poster of this technique, with regrets that I can't
recall who you are.

Good health,