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Potato salad and cast iron skillets

This post is for Sal who was looking for a potato salad recipe.  Now,
this is one of my very favorite foods and before I went vegan, I could
eat my grandmothers potato salad every day it was so good.
Unfortunately, her recipe was not only not vegan but very high in fat
(she used mayo in addition to Marzetti's salad dressing!) . Anyway, when
I went vegan, I swore that one of the first adaptations I would make
would be potato salad so here is what I came up with. Since I am als a
"throw some of this, some of that in" cook, these measurements are very
approximate.  Especially since one of the great things about potato
salad is that almost anything can go into it. Be creative!!!

Jerry's Potato Salad

2 lbs washed, cooked, UNpeeled small              white and or red
potatoes (get them           organic if possible!