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bbq corn, etc

BBQ'd corn on the cob is wonderful.

Here's what we do,
peel back but do not remove the green husks, pull off and discard as much of
the corn silk as you can, wash corn, pull back green husks, and soak the
corn in a tub of water for 30 minutes or more.

Then, place the corn with husks in place directly on the coals, make sure
the coals are really ready, white all over.  Let is cook for , I don't know,
15 mimutes or so.  The soaking in water allows them to steam.  If you have a
fance BBQ, you cook, alternatively plave the corn on the rack and cover,
this way would take a bit longer.

Then for dessert, cut barely ripe, still very firm nectarines in hald,
remove pit, and put on the now cooling bbq, while you eat the corn and
whatever.  The nectarines become sweet and soft and divine.  If you like,
serve with fatfree frozen ice cream.  Yum.