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Re: freezing sorbet, etc.

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From: Jan & Alan Carter <The_Alan_Carter_Family@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

>Quick question about the banana ice "cream" and the sorbets... are you just
>processing them in the food processor and placing in the refrigerator
>freezer, or are you freezing them in an ice cream freezer... sorry, I'm
>fairly new to cooking.  Thanks!

I just process them in the food processor and serve right away.  I think
it's possible to store them in the freezer for a while, but you'll have to
reprocess them again to soften them up before serving.  Even before I became
a vegan I used to make real ice cream like this in the food processor (using
a recipe that came with the processor).

Hope this helps.

Susan Voisin  voisin@xxxxxxxxx